Quick update about the last post

Happy New Year VW-friends!

For those of you who are already sober again, here is a little update about the last post.

I just returned from England where I visited Mark and he confirmed that there was definitely a VW-logo for the 1951 model made of steel, with three fixing pins and a gap between the “V” and the “W”. He has seen such a logo physically (I did not so far, but if somebody has such a logo for sale, please offer it to me!).  So the only difference between this certain logo and the later one is just the amount and positions of the fixing pins. The outer surface is just the same.

Also Rob Copeland confirmed this fact about the logo and added that the gap was painted in the body color, that´s why it looks in the pictures as there was no gap. Interesting indeed!

End of the week there will be another update.

Have a good start into 2019!


Not a Samba, but another cool Barndoor, isn´t it? Check out the ventilation above the windscreens! Btw “BAC” is a deodorant brand still existing in Germany. Maybe it worked TO good, so the ventilation was necessary to get some fresh air into the Bus….

That´s what I call brave! Driving a Barndoor with its poor original brakes in the snow….

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One thought on “Quick update about the last post

  1. This is really difficult because the district of Ahrweiler is not small
    If I look at details in the photo, one might suspect that:
    maybe It is a wartime child, possibly raised by the grandmother without parents.

    For this speaks:

    The child does not have a jacket. the visit with jacket and bag
    The child will live there ?
    The picture could have been taken by the grandfather.

    If you zoom in on the photo, you see a person in black shoes with black long clothes in the door of the house.
    Just as the nuns of the Ursulines once wore it.

    Who used to have money for such an expensive vehicle in this then-poor region. Industrialists, restaurateurs and possibly also ecclesiastical institutions.

    If you now see the mark: AW-C342, one could suspect the then run by nuns boarding school “Calvarienberg” in the city of Ahrweiler itself.

    It could be a shuttle bus because the train station is in the valley and most of the buildings are on a hill.

    By the way, Ahrweiler is a very nice old town and the monastery was recently used as a backdrop for the German film “VATERLAND”

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