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Dear VW-friends,

today we can announce that the body work of the Samba is coming to an end soon. Mark is currently working full time on the remaining body jobs, adjusting and detailing here and there, but as you can see on the following pictures, the Samba´s shell looks pretty complete now. The floor pans are in now, the wheel arches are done, the cargo doors as well. Doesn´t this look great?

The floor pans are in, that´s the most obvious progress since last autumn, but be assured Mark did much more than that. It´s hard to see on the picture, but the entire body especially the roof is near the final stage and it was a lot of work in the winter…..

Where did the old license plate go? Well, it is in Bonn and it is awaiting a very special comeback, stay tuned……

Isn´t it amazing? Now when the Samba´s body is assembled the precentage of original material seems to be surprisingly higher than expected.

Strange point of view in the engine compartment. Note that all red you see here is original paint!

If you look real close you can see rust scars on the curved section of the chassis rail. That´s because this section is still original material, but contrary to the Samba´s outer skin we decided to give the surviving areas of the chassis a proper paint to avoid future corrosion.

May 2018

March 2022

May 2018

March 2022

At the same time Adam, Mark´s upholstery expert, is working on the seats and the interior panels and I am struggling in Bonn with the small parts as semaphores, fog lights, the fuse boxes, the pop-out windows etc. Plus, I am organizing the last missing parts. Some of them so rare that it is impossible to find anywhere, but we have to reproduce them. Also, I am just preparing the necessary legal action for the Samba´s new license, because I want to drive the Bus on its own wheels to the Hessisch-Oldendorf meeting end of June.

All this side kick jobs will be featured in posts showing up very soon. You can expect very frequent Samba news to come during the next weeks…

I will transfer the Samba to my workshop in Bonn by the end of April and, as soon as the Bus is home again, there will be another job to do before we can start the big assembly puzzle: the paint job! All of you know by now the Samba won´t be painted entirely new, don´t you? Only the new body parts that Mark welded in will get a new paint, all of the original substance found in the Eifel mud back in May 2017 will either stay rusty or will show their precious original paint that was hidden under several resprays. Mark´s extremely stunning job making this original paint come back to daylight again won´t be spoiled by a full new paint.

So, the future paint job will be a very tricky task! Don´t blame me for distrusting the average car painter around the corner. This job deserves someone showing as much respect for the Bus and the project´s philosophy as possible and having extreme paint skills on the other hand. A job for you?

Seriously, I am searching for someone to do the paint job in my workshop while me and my team are working on the Bus as well. We have to hurry up to be finished by the end of June for Hessisch-Oldendorf, so there is no time to bring the Samba to you, you have to come to the Samba. The time table notices May 2nd as the start for the paint job. You got the time, the experience and the right passion for this job? Drop me a mail!

best regards from Bonn


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5 thoughts on “Experienced painter wanted

  1. Hi florian, smiths vw in UK or IRVS restoration also in UK could do the patina match on your bus! Very inspiring work!

  2. Great progress
    I like the engine lid as is and wonder whether new metal should be a red brown rather than red providing a slight contrast- will be very interesting to see what you do though

  3. Hello Florian –
    Your Samba is looking good! Can’t wait to see the next few posts.
    Greetings from Minneapolis USA,
    John G

  4. Hi Florian,
    das sind aber sehr motivierende Bilder! Die Arbeit von Mark ist fantastisch geworden! Ich freue mich, ihm in Juni zu sehen!
    Viele Grüße aus Stuttgart,

    1. Eine unfassbare Geschichte, die ich seit 2017 verfolge. Wohne ja 10km von der Fundstelle und sauge jede Info über den 51 auf. Nach dem 53er Bus berge ich nächste Woche meinen zweiten Bus, aber alles nicht so spektakulär wie der 51er.

      Liebe Grüsse an Mark, Florian und Werner.

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