Mad in the mud

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Dear VW-friends,     spring finally arrived, it´s time to go outside and dig in the ground for VW-parts! “Calm down, Florian, we all know you are kind of…..hhhmmmm…..special and the winter was long for all of us, we surely desire some sun, but digging in the ground for VW-parts is nonsense!” Contraire! I am […]

Can anybody help?

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Dear VW-friends,   we are really trying to bring the Samba´s chassis to Amersfoort  -rolling! Sure we want to assemble the chassis as much as possible and I would like to bolt the front bumper trim on to the front bumper. Can anyone spare with me the information about the measurement of the gap between […]

Learning German lesson II

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Dear VW friends,   remember this little video in the very beginning of the blog? It was on a local TV-station just the evening after we presented the Samba to the press in May 2017. The reporter who shot the video told me the following funny story. When he came back from my yard to […]