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Dear VW-friends,

you know the Samba was found in the Eifel, a little mountain area west of Bonn and east of the Ardennes in Belgium. It was abandoned there down in the woods in 1961 and rut there until we found it in May 2017. So I do have a personal relationship with this region, a region known for its beauty and known for its great wineries.

Last week, a heavy rain hit the Eifel as no rain ever did before as far as humankind remembers. The Eifel was flooted within a few hours, especially the Ahrtal (where the famous Red Wine is coming from) was hit badly, houses were smashed away by the masses of water, even complete streets. Over 100 people died, many lost their homes and all of their property.

Up until today, the Ahrtal cannot be reached by car, the German army tries to help with tanks, can you imagine that? There is no water, no electricity, mobile phones don´t work, the internet neither. It´s the biggest disaster since World War II. 

We are trying to help our neighbors as best we can. We gave our 1972 Kübelwagen to some friends from the Ahrtal, so they can at least reach their destroyed homes, have a look here:

We reactivated our 1959 Bachert fire truck pump, so we could help people sucking the water from flooded cellars. See a little video here.

But what the people need most now is simply money and this is what this post is about. I want you to help as well. I know all of us in the Barndoor community are kind of wealthy, otherwise we couldn´t afford a Barndoor or a Barndoor resto, right? We are spending thousands and thousands of Dollars or Euros for our big toys. That´s OK, there is nothing immoral about spending money to have some joy as long as it doesn´t hurt other people. But now it´s time to donate some money for the sudden homeless residents of the Samba´s temporary home for 56 years. 

And here I have a deal for you. Be generous and you´ll get some very exclusive joy in exchange! Everybody (!) donating a significant amount of money will get a free ride in the Samba either in Hessisch-Oldendorf 2022 or at the Barndoor Gathering in Enschede 2023 (we will attend both shows!). Donating is easy by PayPal to . Please let me know your name in the PayPal-wiring, so I can note you down for the free Samba-ride.

The first of you donating for the Ahrtal will get additionally a bottle of these original flooted Ahrtal wine rescued from the mud:

Thank you very much!


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4 thoughts on “Got a deal for you

  1. Hi, everyone,
    Many thanks to Florian and proof of how well old technology works if you keep it up to date. I come from the Ahr valley myself and have many friends who are affected. The media is slowly growing quiet about this catastrophe. But believe me, the reconstruction of this wonderful area will take years. And many did not have the appropriate insurance. Groceries, small consumer goods etc. are sufficiently available. What people will need in the future is financial help.
    Many thanks to all donors. And even if it won’t be as nice as it used to be, the local restaurants and wineries will come and support them when things are up and running again.
    Especially here the neighbors of my childhood. The last private winery in altenahr
    and now !!
    Best regards

  2. Hallo Florian,
    lese gerade deinen Aufruf, klasse Idee.
    War das ganze WE in Altenburg helfen, die Situation an der Ahr ist mit Worten kaum zu beschreiben.
    Ich hoffe du kannst deinen Wein für deine Aktion verwenden, heute kam die Nachricht kein Weinverkauf, vorher muss der Schlamm auf Schadstoffe untersucht werden.

    Grüße aus der Vulkaneifel gar nicht weit weg von Mayen

    Ps. Klasse das du den Samba wieder auf die Straße bringst

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