Lucky in Spa

Dear VW-friends,


I was very lucky to find at the Bug-Show in Spa a Barndoor taillight. Have a look at it! I guess it is the correct one for the 51 Samba. What do the experts think? If you can confirm or disprove it, please leave a comment.

I also found a central brake light lens. Yes, a red one is not correct for 1951, I know it has to be kind of yellow and must not have a K-number neither a wave, but at least I have a sample with the correct old style Hella marking to produce a copy in the correct color.

The next find in Spa was a beautiful 1953 workshop manual! It wasn´t cheap, but I am happy to have it anyway. I guess it´s pretty rare and was worth the 270 Euro.

Just when I was ready to leave the swapmeet I found two separate barndoor taillight lenses for unbelievable 20 Euro each!


best regards from Bonn


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3 thoughts on “Lucky in Spa

  1. Hi Florian,
    the lens is different on pre-53 buses.
    Very early lenses were made of glass, but the same design is also known as plastics material.
    They don´t have a KBA certification number and the prism arrangement is totally different from the post-53 type.
    I´ll search for such in my boxes and come back to you soon.
    Cheers, Jurgen

    1. Hello Jürgen,

      wow, that would be soooo cool to have even one lens for the Amersfoort-Show!
      Can´t wait!

      have a nice sunday!


  2. Wrong taillights i’m afraid.

    Hello George,

    a little bit more input would be great. What´s wrong about the taillights? Please share your knowledge with us.

    best regards


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