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Dear VW-freinds,


Today I received an interesting detail from the owner of the well-known 51 Samba found in Greece (see here: ). He told me that the remaining Plexiglas windows of his Samba neither had any logo. As his Samba is younger than mine this information is very interesting as another hint that very early Sambas didn´t have the “Plexiglas”-logo which we all know from later Barndoor Sambas. At least the Barndoors which were really “born” as Sambas in the first place.

A real “born” Samba in the first place? What does it mean? There is the theory that the Volkswagen factory itself converted in the early days regular busses which were already sold and driven on the road into Sambas. I am still collecting facts which confirm or disprove this theory. More about this scientific detail soon.

Tomorrow I will have a look on another unrestored early Samba and I hope to return with some interesting news to share with you.

Next week the one remaining corner Plexiglas window of our Samba will be put into a laser box to create a CAD data as a base for a production of the corner windows. Our Samba needs one, so we will produce a whole load of corner windows based on the one original which came with the Samba.

In two weeks I expect Marc Spicer, the restorer of the famous Kohlruss (see here ), here in Bonn and I am looking forward to learn from his experience as the way he restored –or better reconstructed- the Kohlruss is exactly the way I want to reconstruct our Samba.

More news soon after the upcoming Spa weekend!


Maybe see you in Spa?



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