Can anybody help?

Dear VW-friends,


we are really trying to bring the Samba´s chassis to Amersfoort  -rolling! Sure we want to assemble the chassis as much as possible and I would like to bolt the front bumper trim on to the front bumper. Can anyone spare with me the information about the measurement of the gap between the trim and the end of the bumper´s rib? A picture with a ruler in this certain position would help a lot!


Another question I need an answer from the experts is here. Please see this picture:

This is a license light lens another Barndoor owner borrowed me for reproduction. As you see the lens is clearly bended a little bit. Is this bend the way it was original or did the lens bend by the heat of the bulb over the years? Who knows?

A new update about the assembly will follow soon.



Have a nice weekend!



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4 thoughts on “Can anybody help?

    1. Hello Jürgen,

      thank you so much! Now I got all the answers. See you in Amersfoort?

      best regards


  1. Florian, every time I read your blog I am very astonished about the progress of your project. Please keep it on!

    I hope someone has sent yet the information you need.

    Aircooled greetings from Dachau.

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