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Dear VW-friends,


because the last post was the shortest post so far, I am adding this week the longest one.

It is regarding the Samba´s rear shocks. I was so happy to find these extremely rare (and cause of that extremely expensive) shocks with the Samba anyway, so it wasn´t that big deal to agree to a complex restoration. Plus shocks are a safety related item, it´s not a good idea to be stingy when it comes to safety.

Jacek Krajewski ( ) did this wonderful job of restoring the shocks.

He also made a very detailled picture documentation. Please see here the full series of pictures he have send. Watch these and you´ll agree that there no more comments neccessary. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.


best regards from London (where I am to attend the Volksworld-Show)




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2 thoughts on “another item finished

  1. Lovely detailed work.
    Would it be ok to say the rear shocks should be grey? Look at the colour they were at the start.

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